It is not only big Hollywood stars or rich musicians who have fallen in love with street art – we all have”  Urban art etc. etc. So it is not without reason that all artists have a connection to the street art genre, whether they are still active after dark with spraying the streets around the whole world, or now only paint in the studio.  They have all been a part of the culture of the streets.

We have put together a team from the top rack of Danish and international artists, and all their works are done on paper. This is not randomly done as works on paper - it will be super authentic and have its own life on paper - just as it would on the street, where the raw correctly can come forward and only gets better put in a nice frame.


I have for many years worked as real estate and it was there my interest in art started, and I bought my first work after a good sale.   Back in 2007 I began to sell some works of art - it took more and more of my time and my interest grew to start full-time as an independent.  I opened therefore in 2010, a gallery of contemporary art, where street art, urban art or whatever we call it, had a small corner - this was the beginning.

I decided in 2012 to close the gallery after three large break-ins – sadly and very chocked. But thoughts about art and especially street art grew, and after some thoughts about how this could work wisely and without fear - the basic thoughts on started.

This is the reason why this gallery should only have works on paper, only with street art - that's why this store is now not only a local shop, but sell and ship all around the world! I hope you will enjoy the works as much as I do. This is my personal story.

Cheers, Tom


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