Jens-Peter Brask
Brask Studio Visits, 2015
272 pages
Edition of 1000

Brask Studio Visits is a book that gives a completely distinctive and unique access to a number of artists' studios from the well established to the young and upcoming artists. The Danish passionate art collector Jens-Peter Brask has visited and selected 40 artists for the book. For many years, Brask has used his camera to document his many studio visits and carefully selected out of more than thousands of photos the ones that present the life and creative process of each artist's studio. Brask introduces each visit with a personal text and story about the artist, the artistic practice and the studio atmosphere. The book gives an unique glimpse behind the normally closed doors--it is a real pleasure to be absorbed by the beautiful photographs and explore the atmosphere in the studios. 

Artists included: Andres Serrano, Andrew Schoultz, Blade, Clare Woods, Dan Schein, Des Hughes, Devin Troy Strother, Donald Baechler, Eddie Martinez, Eric Cahan, Erik Parker, Gardar Eide Einarsson, Graham Collins, Greg Bogin, Jan S. Hansen, John Copeland, John Korner, Joyce Pensato, Julian Schnabel, Jorgen Haugen Sorensen, Kenny Scharf, Maximilian Schubert, Michael Bevilacqua, Michael Kvium, Morten Knudsen, Peter Demos, Retna, Richard Coleman, Richard Hughes, Robert Davis, Ryan McGinness, Ryan Schneider, Sam Moyer, Seen, Scott Campbell, Tal R, Tom Sanford, Tony Matelli, Vincent Szarek, Wes Lang

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